New Views -  internal external realities and where to next. #77

By Nicky Gogan.

This is what really excites me about being a curator - what started off as a very evangelical idea about drones and new views of the world and what this technology was bringing us aesthetically - actually brought me to two works that in fact are dystopian in their outlook. 

I think the films I have now selected, and the ideas they are mining, provide a really interesting stepping off point for an event like this, where we are all thinking of - where to next. 

To look at the world that social and tech created for us and to consider it as we move into this next era of creating realities for ourselves. 

So my curation adventure brought me to a dystopian view of Second Life utopia and an exploration of the possibilities that drones could play in the democratisation of surveillance. 


By Irish artists Caroline Campbell and Nina McGown

A film exploring forbidden and inaccessible space in Dublin through flying drones equipped with cameras, it focusses on the possible democratization of surveillance that drone flight affords. 

- and -


By New York based artist Annie Berman

Which explores the remnants of Second Life, a formerly thriving virtual 3D world, and investigates its susceptibility to the same economic pitfalls that plague our ‘real’ world.

Here is a trailer for Utopia 1.0  -

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