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CongRegation™ or #cong17 is a one day ‘un-conference’ style technology festival with a range of events taking place in Cong, Co Mayo from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th November 2017.

The festival is centred around the Saturday unconference focused around the theme of ‘Innovation’.  This year we are looking for curious minds from a range of diverse backgrounds/sectors who will share their thinking on disruption, rethinking but also rebuilding a better future.  We are treating innovation in its broadest forms from combining technology innovation, to social, spiritual and industry specific disruption.  We want to hear how people innovate, what other countires have done, what it means to change, the psychology of  managing this change through to what Ireland can do.

One of the key components of CongRegation™ is the diverse background and thinking of attendees and this includes technologists, psychologists, business people, start up community, academics, visionaries, disruptors and sector specific from farming to manufacturing.

This is the fifth year of the event with over 100 experts from all over Ireland and overseas expected.  

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Full submissions are now being accepted.  

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The eBooks for 2015, 3014 and 2013 are available for download or you can listen to some of the audio submissions.

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  • Tickets cannot be purchased.
  • You pay with your insight.
  • You blog your way in.
  • Everyone is a speaker.
  • Open sharing of insights.
  • True social setting.
  • Inclusion in post event eBook.
  • All attendees are equal.

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